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We believe that our patients are the most important part of our work and the reason why we are all here.

We recognise that our residents are unique human beings with individual physical,  emotional, psychological, spiritual and social needs and that they deserve the highest possible standards of care in each of these aspects.

We feel that this can be best achieved by delivering care and encouraging independence in a manner that we would like for ourselves, our families or our friends, in an environment which is clean and tidy, happy and relaxed and where open communication is welcome.

We will endeavour to answer questions honestly and give clear explanations, thereby aiming to reduce fears and anxieties, and offering informed choice.

We work as a team and value the different contributions, qualities and experience of each team member whilst accepting that we are individually accountable for the care that we give.










Residents and their families are encouraged to participate in the development of individual care plans.

We operate an open visiting system and encourage family and friends to visit at any time. Our overall philosophy of care is "treat all residents and colleagues as you wish to be treated yourselves".

Our Philosophy of Care

Our Core Values of Care are designed to meet the following objectives:

A service of the highest quality that will improve and sustain overall quality of life.

Flexible delivery of care services in an attentive and non-discriminatory fashion while respecting each resident's right to independence, privacy, dignity, fulfilment, and the rights to make informed choices and to take appropriate risks.

Respect for each resident's needs and values in matters of religion, culture, race or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status, parenthood and disabilities or impairments.

Delivery of a full care service in accordance with the Statement of Terms and Conditions agreed at the point of moving into the home.

Managing and implementing a formal programme of staff planning, selection, recruitment, training and personal development to enable care needs to be met.

Efficient and effective management of the care service to make best use of resources and to maximise value for money.

The provision for all of written information on the home's procedure for handling complaints, comments and compliments.