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Marta’s Blog – July 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to my latest blog.

I’ll start off with updates regarding Covid as I know everyone likes to be aware of the latest developments and how it affects our residents and staff.  

Although we’ve had no further cases at Hill House or Three Corners the general situation in the Torbay area is something which of course affects everyone. With the rise in the new variant cases locally there has been a knock-on effect with staff, as randomly some get asked to self-isolate depending on where they have visited. None of us have much control over this and although the NHS app is very useful, it does make the management of our internal rotas a little tricky at times!    

As ever, we adapt, and our staff are always willing to do what they can to help. They are dedicated and hard-working and we are very grateful to have such a great team.  

On the subject of staff, we have invested in seven staff members being funded to complete their assistant practitioner roles. This means they will be working alongside the nurses on the floor to develop and learn their roles. We are also fully funding a long-term member of staff in completing their RGN course via the Open University. We are always pleased to help staff progress their careers, and it’s great to see. At Hill House at the moment we have a lovely volunteer helping via the Duke of Edinburgh award. We always encourage young people who may be interested in a career in care to apply and get in touch with us.   


We do actually have vacant roles in our homes right now including for cooks, carers, kitchen assistants, cleaners and in laundry.  Recruitment is something we are addressing and are investing in a sponsorship program for people overseas who might be interested in our work.  

More generally, visits have been going well of late and it’s rewarding to get such positive feedback about both homes, notably the comments about how lovely and caring the staff have been in supporting peoples loved ones. It’s what it’s all about and is very gratifying.

At Three Corners we had an environmental inspection of the kitchen recently and came through with shining colours and 5 stars. No advisories, so we must be doing something right!

We are making great progress with our websites and welcomed Owen from our partners Devon Star Media to come along to take some new photographs.

Events-wise we’ve had Father’s Day to celebrate since I last spoke to you, which was lovely. We also had a real fun time at Hill House watching along with Royal Ascot at the end of June. Many of our residents enjoyed that. Some love the competitive horseracing, others are more into the fashion side of things [with all those marvellous hats!] and there are those who simply love seeing the Queen and Royal Family arriving in splendour. It’s quite a spectacle as they ride up the actual course on the way to the royal box each day.

Lastly for now, I want to mention something a little left field but very special. I’m sure it will be a surprise to many to know that we have a special relationship with a German Primary School. The children there write to our residents in Three Corners, as well as to our manager. It is so lovely to read their letters and they seem to love hearing about how our elderly residents are getting on many miles away.  Always good to see generations connecting as well as our friends from around the world.